Modern Slavery Policy

Market Report

Perth Market Report

Perth Commercial Office Market rose by 19% in the last quarter with over 18% vacancy

Prasagio Pty Ltd (incorporated in Australia) recognises and applies fully to the provisions of the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cwth) including compliance with the following key provisions.

Statement in Compliance with Section 16 of the Act.

Section 16 (1) (a). The reporting entity is Prasagio Pty Ltd ACN (Prasagio)

Section 16 (1) (b). Prasagio is a single organisation with operations in Australia, United States, United Kingdom, South Africa and Hong Kong SAR, China. The headquarters of the business are Level 1, 191 St Georges Terrace, Perth Western Australia 6000, Australia. Prasagio engages with brokerage firms on a non-contractural basis for the provision of summary market information. Prasagio also engages with construction management professionals on a non-contractural basis in markets globally for the purpose of recommending to clients. Prasagio also engages with security and emergency management consultants globally for the provision of security updates and recommendation to clients of Prasagio.

Section 16 (1) (c). Prasagio notes that some of its market information is provided in countries where modern slavery is endemic, including Africa, South Asia and South America. This may include organisations providing advice, whether directly to Prasagio or following recommendation, to clients of Prasagio.

Section 16 (1) (d). Prasagio selects all consultants, advisors, and brokerage firms following a process of due diligence, including details of potential risks of modern slavery as described in accordance with the Act in the provision of their services, either directly or indirectly.